Small Enterprise Development guidelines for authors

The purpose of these guidelines is to simplify the process of submitting your article for publication in Small Enterprise Development. These steps will make it easier for the article to be refereed, and make the production process run more smoothly once an article has been accepted for publication.

It would be beneficial for authors to read the House Style Manual.

Presentation of articles

Articles should be 3000 to 5000 words long, presented double-spaced and printed on one side only of clean, white, numbered, A4 paper.

Reports and comments are shorter pieces and should not exceed 3000 words.

Acceptable media

Your manuscript should also be supplied in electronic form. 3.5 disks, CDs and Zip disks are all acceptable. Write your name, title of article and the file name on the disk. We cannot promise to return your disk, but we will try. If you are asked to send a revised version, please do not re-use the same file name. We can also accept text files via e-mail. Please send any illustrations separately through the post.

Please bear in mind that ITDG Publishing can only read PC formats in house. Most word processing packages are acceptable, but the text should not be heavily formatted as this causes problems when converted. If in doubt, text only or ASCII is perfectly acceptable.

Spellings, punctuation, numerals

Please refer to our House Style Manual before presenting your article. This gives full advice on these matters, as well as suggesting standard reference books for writers. It also contains a useful list of ITDG Publishing standard spellings and common acronyms.