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Notes for authors

  The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify the process of submitting your manuscript to ITDG Publishing. These steps will make it easier for us to review your material, and will enable the production process to run more smoothly once your manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Please also read and follow our house style.

Presentation of the manuscript
  Manuscripts should be presented double-spaced and printed on one side only of clean, white, A4 paper. Do not attempt to reproduce the look of the printed page, but do make the various heading levels clear. Leave wide margins to allow the copy editor room to write. The pages should be numbered consecutively throughout.
  Please do not staple, bind, hole punch or separate your manuscript into wallets.
Ensure that all sections of the manuscript are complete and in their final form when presented. Remember to consider whether a preface, foreword or glossary is required at this stage.

Checklist of what to include:
List of contents with chapter headings and main sub-headings ('A' heads)
List of acronyms and abbreviations
Lists of figures, boxes, tables - a separate one for each
'About the contributors' material - for edited volumes only.

  The copy editing process cannot begin until we have all of the material.

Acceptable electronic media
  Your manuscript must also be supplied in electronic form and the file must be identical to the hard copy manuscript. Acceptable formats include 3.5" floppy disks, CD-ROM and Zip disks. Please save each chapter as a separate file.
If ITDG Publishing agrees in advance, it may be possible to accept the manuscript by e-mail. In this instance the files should be 'zipped' but otherwise files should not be compressed.
   Please bear in mind that ITDG Publishing can only read PC compatible material in house. Most word processing packages are acceptable, but the text should not be heavily formatted as this causes problems when converted. If in doubt, text only or ASCII is perfectly acceptable.
   If you cannot supply PC compatible files, please contact the publishers about conversion of files before submitting a manuscript.
   Do not send us your only copy of your work. Keep a copy of the entire work and a copy of all the electronic files.

Spellings, punctuation, numerals and references
  Please refer to our house style before presenting your manuscript. This gives full advice on these matters, as well as suggesting standard reference books for writers. It also contains a useful list of ITDG Publishing standard spellings and common acronyms.

Tabular material
  Tables should be numbered independently of any other illustrations and consecutively within each chapter, e.g. Table 1.1, Table 1.2, Table 2.1, etc. Please include the table caption in the relevant place in the text and supply the tables separately.

  Please keep the formatting of tables to a minimum, i.e. do not include shading of different columns or rows or unnecessary use of bold and italics.

Text boxes
  Boxes can be useful devices, for example, to display a case study that highlights the core message of the text, or to display material that is not essential to understanding of the main text. However, if overused, text boxes can make a publication difficult to follow. Boxes should not directly repeat material that is contained in the main text.
   Please do not draw a box around the required text, but place the caption at the top of the text and mark the bottom clearly, e.g. [end box] in square brackets.

  If you wish to include bullet points or numbered lists, please mark these clearly in the text. It is not, however, necessary for you to format the text. Please use ** followed by one character space to mark the beginning of a bullet point. The stylised bullets in word processing packages often cause problems in professional typesetting programmes.
   Numbered lists should only be used where there is a clear hierarchy to the points listed.

Heading levels
  Please choose a style for each level of heading and sub-heading and stick to it throughout the text. Make sure that the hierarchy is clear but do not number the heading levels. The only numbered headings should be the chapter headings and, if the book has them, the part headings.


For example:

Chapter 4 Power for pumping



Human Power


The rotary drive handpump


  Unless you have made alternative arrangements with the Publisher, it is the author's responsibility to clear all permissions to reproduce material from third party sources. You should apply for permissions at the earliest opportunity as they can sometimes take several months to clear. As a general rule of thumb, permissions do not need to be sought for short extracts (fewer than 400 words) that are being used for the purposes of criticism and review. If in doubt, you should check with the copyright holder.
   All necessary credits must be supplied to ITDG Publishing with the extract material. This includes acknowledgement of source material where no specific permission is required.

  Authors should produce final artwork that is ready for incorporation into the text. This should either be in a suitable electronic format or high quality black and white artwork which is ready to be transferred straight to film.
   Illustrations, whether photographs, line drawings or electronic images, should be supplied separately from the main text. Captions should be inserted in the main text to show placement of the figure. Please number all illustrations, whether line drawings or photographs, consecutively within each chapter.
  Save illustrations to disk as original files on a PC or Macintosh disk. Do not supply eps files as these cannot subsequently be edited. Please supply illustrations in scales of black and grey (using hatching, dashed lines etc. to differentiate sections). Colour drawings converted to black and white almost always cause problems.
  Drawings in WordArt and similar packages tend to lack resolution once they are converted. It may be desirable to have such illustrations redrawn professionally before the typesetting process begins. Please do not hesitate to ask a member of the editorial team for advice.
  Whatever the source of your illustrations, please do not embed the images or scans into a Word document or other word processing file.
When providing original line drawings, please use a professional drawing package such as CorelDraw, Macromedia Freehand, or Adobe Illustrator.
Graphs are best supplied in the spreadsheet package from which they were produced (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

  The index should not be compiled until the proof stage, i.e. once the page layout is finalized. If it has been agreed with the Publisher that you will supply an index for your work, please discuss with us the best method of preparation and presentation. If required, we can source a professional indexer who will complete the work for a fee.

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