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ITDG Publishing manages the DORA (Dissemination of Agricultural Reference Books) Programme. This is a demand-led book donation scheme designed to strengthen the reference collections of agricultural teaching and information centres in Anglophone ACP countries.

ITDG Publishing  works in partnership with CTA in the Netherlands who are responsible for the selection of the beneficiary centres and with BDPA in Paris who are responsible for managing the Francophone ACP countries.

ITDG Publishing manages all aspects of the Programme once the beneficiary centres have been selected, from establishing communication with the beneficiary centres, sending out of information and instructions, processing of orders, despatch of books, follow-up and evaluation and dealing with all correspondence, questions and problems relating to the Programme.

There have been 163 Anglophone beneficiary centres selected to receive grants for book purchase up to the end of 2000. The current scheme- DORA Programme 2001 has 5 Anglophone beneficiary centres.


Background to Scheme

The CTA was established in 1983 to help develop agricultural production and improve food security in ACP countries by providing access to scientific and technical information.

One aspect of this work is the dissemination of new documentary material on agriculture and rural development for the benefit of ACP countries as the existing collections of reference books were considered both weak and concentrated in capital cities.

The DORA Programme was developed to target appropriate beneficiary centres (at least one in every ACP country) and to provide them with agricultural reference books.

The scheme was developed by CTA, ITDG Publishing and BDPA and book supply began in 1991 and it is currently in its eighth phase of operation.

Description and Operation of Scheme

Description of the DORA Programme

DORA is a demand-led programme with the selection of the beneficiary centres being done through the use of surveys and questionnaires.

Several criteria are used in their selection such as ability to handle, manage and promote the books, existence of other centres which have already received support from CTA, assessment of information needs , integration of the programme with other CTA activities.

The types of institutions that benefit from the scheme can be agricultural training institutes, agricultural universities, information and extension centres and secondary level schools.

The demand-led nature of the scheme is also reflected in the selection of books.

It is mandatory for the beneficiary centre to consult with their end-users to establish a list of top priority books. These end-users should be students, researchers, teachers, extension workers, professionals and decision-makers. The selection of titles should reflect the particular needs of each beneficiary centre.

Operation of the DORA Programme

The day to day running of the scheme is the responsibility of ITDG Publishing (responsible for the anglophone ACP countries).

After initial selection each beneficiary centre is sent an introductory package of letters of introduction, operating procedures, order forms and questionnaires as well as a selection of English and French language publishers catalogues. Once the introductory package has been received and acknowledged the centre makes its selection of books and returns the order forms to ITDG Publishing. The book list is then processed, unknown titles tracked down, new books added to our database and books ordered. Any problems such as wrong sort of books asked for or too few or too many books are dealt with at this point. When books arrive they are stamped saying donation from CTA and then despatched to the beneficiary centre.

An evaluation form is sent with each book and also a questionnaire. These have to be completed and returned by agreed dates.

Reports and Follow Up

Every month through the scheme a progress report is sent to CTA. This usually describes the work done that month, lists the books ordered or sent and details any problems such as non-response or under-ordering etc.

At the end of the scheme a final report listing all the books sent arranged by Agris categories (agricultural library classification system devised by FAO), order statistics, publisher details, values etc. is sent to CTA.

The questionnaires sent to each beneficiary centre are collected and sent to CTA along with book-use evaluation forms that have been returned. These forms should only be returned when the book has been used at least four times and it is up to the beneficiary centre librarian to monitor the evaluation exercise.

This data is collected in order to make an impact assessment of the DORA Programme.

DORA History


There were -- anglophone beneficiary centres selected of which // responded with book orders. A total of ;; titles were ordered and a total of ** items were sent.


There were 34 anglophone beneficiary centres selected of which 30 responded with book orders. A total of .... titles were ordered and a total of 5,254 items were sent

Status Report DORA 1997-98


There were 19 anglophone beneficiary centres selected of which 16 responded with book orders. A total of 1,230 titles were ordered and 2,574 items were sent.

Status Report DORA 1998-99


There were .. anglophone beneficiary centres selected of which .. responded with book orders. A total of ,,, titles were ordered and ... items were sent.

Status Report DORA 1999


There were -- anglophone beneficiary centres selected of which == reponded with book orders. A total of ... titles were ordered and ,,, items were sent.

Status Report DORA 2000


There were 5 anglophone centres selected of which 4 have responded with book orders.


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