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Waterlines, appropriate technologies for water supply and sanitation.

Clare Tawney
Technical Editors
Maryla and Richard Carter
Managing Director
Toby Milner

Editorial Advisory Board

Aquamore, Zimbabwe
Peter Morgan
CARE, Sri Lanka
Lahiru Perera
Christian Engineers in Development, UK
Peter Stern
Cranfield University at Silsoe College, UK
Richard Carter
Department for International Development, UK
Ian Curtis
Development and Project Planning Centre,
University of Bradford, UK
Frances Cleaver
Environmental Health Project, USA
Dan Campbell
Global Water Policy Project, USA
Sandra Postel
Independent consultant
Jonathan Parkinson
International Rainwater Catchment
Systems Association
John Gould
International Water and Sanitation Centre,
Dick de Jong
Oxfam UK
Paul Sherlock
Tufts University
Astier Almedom
Swiss Centre for Development Co-operation in
Technology and Management, Switzerland
Karl Wehrle
WaterAid, UK
Belinda Calaguas
Water, Engineering and Development Centre, UK
Guy Howard
Water, Engineering and Development Centre, UK
John Pickford
Water, Engineering and Development Centre, UK
Julie Woodfield
Water Resources Management Ltd, UK
Charles Batchelor
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council,
Brian Appleton
World Bank, Côte d’Ivoire
Pete Kolsky

The publishers gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors Christian Aid and WaterAid. We would also gratefully acknowledge the support of our regular bulk subscribers to the journal - including Misereor, VSO, UNICEF and the Peace Corps.

Waterlines is also available online. Click here for more details


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